Medical Assistant Programs

Now is the best time to sign-up for a one of the American Red Cross Training Programs, particularly one of their Medical Assistant Programs.  It’s a relief to see that the American Red Cross training offers Medical Assistant Programs, because while researching Medical Assistant Programs it troubled me that I didn’t see any major universities or colleges show up in the first few pages of my search.  The schools that came up in my search were private colleges that are not even necessarily certified by any medical association in the U.S.  However, knowing how popular this certification is, I decided to check the Red Cross to see if they offered a Medical Assistant certification program.  How relieved I am to say that they do!  Well, without much further ado, here is the information I found:

Medical Assistant Programs

According to the American Red Cross, the  training of Medical Assistants are in great demand and the need for more trained professionals is forecasted to keep on growing!  Therefore, now is the best time (better now than later!) to sign-up for a one of the Medical Assistant Programs in your area.

Individuals who earn their license as Medical Assistants are multi-skilled healthcare professionals who provide a range of administrative and clinical services in physicians’ offices, clinics, and hospitals.  Medical Assistant Programs offered by the with the American Red Cross training programs consist of 500 hours, although through military bases, the hours may differ.  Upon certification, individuals will possess a general knowledge of:

  • General medical understanding
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Behavior science
  • Medical law
  • Medical ethics

In addition to gaining a general understanding of medicine, American Red Cross training programs Medical Assistants recipients will gain a general knowledge of healthcare administration including the areas of:

  • Medical records management
  • Collections
  • Insurance processing

The third area of education that the American Red Cross Medical Assistant Programs covers is the general clinical understanding in the following areas:

  • Examination room techniques
  • Medication preparation
  • Medication administration,
  • Pharmacology techniques
  • Laboratory techniques

In order to be accepted into Red Cross Medical Assistant Programs, applicants must hold the following:

  • High School diploma or GED
  • Adult CPR certification (may be acquired throughout the program training period)

Additionally, all students must have a physical exam, and get a TB Mantoux test and HB vaccine.

American Red Cross training programs and Medical Assistant Programs are nationally recognized.  Individuals interested can contact the national number American Red Cross office or their local office.  There is also the Ft. Bragg, Pope AFB American Red Cross Medical Assistant Program (MAPs Program) Facebook page where you can post your questions.