I Name UCSF as one of the Best Medical Schools in the U.S.

From experience, I name UCSF as of the best medical schools in the U.S. I have been treated in the UCSF dental clinic by top interns and doctors. I have also been seen by health experts in the UCSF Women’s Clinic. In both cases, the treatment was top notch. The staff are professional, courteous, and caring. The facilities are state of the art, and their treatment covered under my medical plan. I recently relocated from New York, and was concerned about what kind of facilities and doctors my new medical insurance plan would supply. I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. I also found it really neat that the urgent care clinic had a completely digitized its medical history form. If you’re like me, I hate having to write my information on medical forms, which never seem to have enough room to complete all of my information. Completing the digitized form was really a breeze. This was at the Parnassus urgent care clinic.


Across the street from the urgent care clinic is the UCSF dental clinic. It is a large building with several floors. My biggest difficulty when going to the dentist is having X-Rays taken, because I easily gag. Well, the X-Ray technician, a student, helped me to get my mind off of gagging by instructing me to raise my legs. She was extremely kind, patient, and professional in her treatment towards me. I have had less than happy experiences at other dental offices with technicians who only made me more nervous, and ultimately unsuccessful in taking the films. In the case of the UCSF student, she was more professional than others who have been at their profession for years. That’s one reason why I name this California state school as one of the best medical schools in the U.S. The dental intern who treated me is someone I can trust and know who cares. He did a full and very thorough exam and cleaning. In a few weeks, I am going to have a crown placed on one of my molars, because the tooth has a cavity in addition to an existing filling. I have great confidence that Ansony, my dental student will do a professional job. Just in case you are concerned about being treated by medical students, their work is supervised by an experienced dentist. So, rather than pay a premium for a credentialed dentist, I get his care plus the care of a caring intern.

The set-up is really neat at the UCSF dental clinic too.

It is a large room with many cubicles. Each cubicle is a complete dental office. It is a very friendly and sunny atmosphere. On a clear day you can see the ocean as well as the Golden Gate Bridge from the clinic. The dental students do all of the work without the help of a nurse, so they get to experience all facets of oral care and surgery. The equipment is all state-of-the-art. The entire facility, including the restrooms are extremely clean. It’s so much better than some of the experiences I have had in the past, where the private doctor did not have the funds to keep up such a modern office or equipment.

Naming UCSF as one of the best medical schools in the United States is a big compliment, as I have lived and traveled all over the U.S. and abroad and experienced some of the best and worst in medial and dental treatment. I highly recommend UCSF as a top choice for dental work and other your other medical needs. There are medical offices all over San Francisco, depending upon what sort of medical attention you require.